Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rye house!

After borrowing Skooterfarm Dave's Rotax at scunny i decided i wanted a pop at flat tracking. I managed to get my hands on Captain Highside's old KTM Rotax 600 which is up to a damn good spec! A bit of a jump from a c90!
Saturday i hit Rye House practice and got really comfortable on the bike after a few very minor adjustments and low sides. The only downfall to the 10 min practice slots was i didn't know when to stop, so that resulted in boiling the brake. You can come on and off when you like in the practice but i got a bit carried away.
Sunday came round and i was trying not to think about racing until the last minute, hard to do i know but it kept the nerves at bay. I entered the novice class which i went on to win and also entered the thunderbike class where i came 9th.
After a bit of a pile up on the first bend of the thunderbike A final the race got restarted, quite a sobering moment when your legs are above your head and your helmet is sliding across the gravel.

Pictures by
Richard Baybutt from C.F.H


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rye House

Can't wait to go fast and turn left again, racing is at Rye House this weekend. Practicing saturday and the last race of 2012 on sunday. Go watch, it's good!
Look our for Rustynail next season!