Friday 3 October 2014

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Honda C90 Engine Swap

I had a yx 160 in it for a while, 2 gear shafts later i did a swap for lifan 125 semi auto motor.
I wasn't too keen on semi auto so i decided to convert it to manual clutch, that turned out to be a nightmare. I tried everything x3 different clutches, swapped plates and springs around, i couldn't get the damn clutch to stop slipping intermittently. I soon got bored of taking the engine apart and went and bought a brand new zongshen 125cc 13hp.

The motor is in and running, now just to sort the jetting.

auto jumble end can.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Honda C90 Chop

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Honda C90 exhaust options

Honda CD90Z

Another previous project that has happened in the last year is the cd90z, another bike which has ben moved on.

This is how it looked when i picked it up. Part of the deal was Lee(the previous owner) got to keep the desirable original motor, 4speed, hot cam, one off engine mounts that don;t fit any other c series honda. 

 The new motor was a Yx160. None of the engine mounts lined up, so new ones had to be drilled and the frame re-enforced. A later 12v wiring loom was fitted from a Honda Cub 90.

Ready to roll. Custom stainless exhaust manifold used with the original silencer. I had to do a bit of chopping and welding to the silencer to make it work, most of the baffles were pulled out too.

The rest of these photos were taken on sideburn magazines latest issue launch in sheffield.

photo credit to samchristmas.