Thursday, 26 January 2012


Moto-Matics Mopeds

Sapporo Moped Creation from Rob Brooks on Vimeo.

CG BR project

Just been having a playing with the cg. I cut down the standard exhaust, capped the end with a c90 end cone. Made a bracket for the light and number plate. Also made a ignition switch bracket. 

Im also having a few problems trying to locate my ignition spark. pfffftttt.

Honda ct200 project

Here's another on going project i've been fiddling with now and again.American 1964 honda ct200,not much to do to it really.rear hub cush drive webbing had been torn out of it,probably by someone ragging it using the massive rear sprocket.i had to put a new 3rd gear in her,piston and rings also.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Honda CG125 Project 2 update (the tank)

saw this tank on american ebay and fell in love,it's a 71 Honda cb100 tank,the same shape as cb125s tanks,just different colours.the description was a bit poor,not explaining how rotten it was.what a bummer!

fortunately thanks to R.N Danny the tank WILL be used!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

CG BR project

This is how shes looking at the moment.
The bikes been up on a work stand for a while so pulled it down today and had a sit on it.... massive smile. cant wait to be riding down some country lanes in summer.
Updates include:
-Looped the back end,
-In the process of making rear light and number plate brackets.
-Seat pan
-Rear raised 20mm
-chopped a few things off.
to come.... goin to sort some wiring out, get a front light hooked up and with a lens cover.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Honda CG Project 2,update (frame mods+tank)

the cg is now stripped with custom loom made,all shitty redundant lugs cut off,frame chopped for the upswept loop on the back end(currently making).Holes filled with weld and some other things i've forgotten about already
i also purchased a cb160 tank half blind,i didn't realise they had pads,and they're not really my thing,so its not staying.i've just purchased another tank from u.s Ebay.also bought some bars,throttle and leavers.
so here's how she stands

Friday, 6 January 2012

Honda JX110

started out as a jx110 very similar to the honda cg and cb.Looks flappin awesome if you ask me!
view more HERE

honda cg project 2 update: the battery

so i got busy with a 9 odd volt r/c battery.taking taking it from 8 batteries down to 5 making the unit produce 6.7 volt when charged.they fit snugly into an old bakky tin i had in the workshop.

manz got style