Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gilera TG1 For Sale

would make an awesome learner legal cafe racer,not many around either! contanct us for details.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Honda CG125 Project 2

So after looking at cb125's for long enough i decided they were too expensive(on ebay anyway),so like Liam i opted for the cg125,it shares the same frame as the cb125/cb100 anyway.less to go wrong with the ohv engines but the cb engines are probably more tuneable (ohc),never mind they're the same mounts anyway.
Here's the love machine i picked up courtesy of the one and only Danny Bell( domino extraudinare).

The plans are to take all the shit off and go for a minimalistic street tracker type look,new tank,bars,shocks,modify frame,etc

I'm sure danny's cb project will be posten on here before long too......


Friday, 9 December 2011

CG 125 project, update: honda SL125 tank.

With a bit of tweaking and repositioning and she'll be a gud'ern

and... a self portrait, 

Monday, 5 December 2011

CG125 Project

After been inspired by the cb100's from DEUS i have been hunting. i picked up this CG125, advertised as an unfinished restoration project.

So the story starts here...
Quick mock up of the back end. me and bruce forsyth think back end needs to go higher!

A really quick photoshop via iphone of what it might end up like.

Hack saw came out for a much needed chop.

Got a bit carried away with chopping things. Its ok though iv got 9 more of them bad boys.

spent a good few hours cleaning and wire wheeling the engine.

so far im happy with how things are turning out, even though all the chrome was not part of the head plan but its creeping its way in. i'l see how it goes.

Still to come is a SL125 tank, and finish that back end.