Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rye house!

After borrowing Skooterfarm Dave's Rotax at scunny i decided i wanted a pop at flat tracking. I managed to get my hands on Captain Highside's old KTM Rotax 600 which is up to a damn good spec! A bit of a jump from a c90!
Saturday i hit Rye House practice and got really comfortable on the bike after a few very minor adjustments and low sides. The only downfall to the 10 min practice slots was i didn't know when to stop, so that resulted in boiling the brake. You can come on and off when you like in the practice but i got a bit carried away.
Sunday came round and i was trying not to think about racing until the last minute, hard to do i know but it kept the nerves at bay. I entered the novice class which i went on to win and also entered the thunderbike class where i came 9th.
After a bit of a pile up on the first bend of the thunderbike A final the race got restarted, quite a sobering moment when your legs are above your head and your helmet is sliding across the gravel.

Pictures by
Richard Baybutt from C.F.H


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